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Dance Season Ended on sad note due to COVID lockdown  

Monday ~ Strathroy

Wednesday ~ Strathroy

Thursday ~ Strathroy

Saturday ~ Strathroy

Tuesday ~ Parkhill (all 30 Min classes)

News Letters

Return to Dance ~ Stay Tuned

We had our virtual board meeting this past week to discuss next steps for SDC going forward into an unknown future.

Both of our locations (Strathroy and Parkhill) have given us the green light to proceed with dance as early as Feb 22/21. They have stated in their communication to us that the numbers allowed are 10 dancers ("athletes") and 2 teachers (“coaches”). Our teachers are ready and able to start teaching and have reviewed with Pat some minor scheduling changes, as you will see from the attachments. Please review and start copying that into your calendars for as far into the spring as you dare

Competitions were a top priority at our meeting due to :
• Shortened year of classes ( 6 weeks to date instead of 6 months )
• Your financial commitment.
• Unknown but highly possible repeated shutdown & closure of the Municipal buildings

As you recall, we have 3 competitions with credits that extend into 2022 if we choose. I have been in constant contact with all 3 ( SHINE, KARV & Inspire ) and they are all attempting to have virtual or safe individual live competitions but these are well into the summer & fall months. Our dance year will not extend through the summer due to the nature of our operation. The board agrees that it is time to call this competition year off. We have chosen to defer our competition credited performance fees for another year, into 2022. It sounds like eons away, but it really is in the best interest of all involved.

That being said, we have decided to convert all competition classes to recreational with a concentration on strengthening technique this year. We are striving to have a recital, if all goes well within our current time of “pandemonium” so there will be routines to perform. I have prepared a new schedule that does not require more time at the studio but the class focus is changed.

If you have made an overpayment this year for COMPETITION fees, Crystal will be reviewing these and will communicate with you about that and make it right.

Thanks for your patience with us as we all figure out this crazy year.
Pat Mahovlich & SDC Executive

October Covid Protocols

Finally I have a schedule made to offer dance classes that you have requested and within the COVID 19 precautionary measures laid out by the MLHU and our Municipalities of Strathroy Caradoc and North Middlesex. Some points of importance for you to know:

Parkhill: Enter from the south parking lot door with masks on and only dancewear, sanitize hands and do Covid screener in booklet form.
The Parent exits through the east door and waits in the parking lot for the dancer to exit through the same door where you will wait for them.

Strathroy: Within 10 minutes of class start time, enter through the sliding door with mask on and only dancewear on, sanitize hands at wall pump and proceed up to the studio. This sliding outdoor access door will be locked at start time and late entry will be denied by the presence of WMMC staff. This is in an effort to separate all users into 3 spaces ( ice , gym & dance ) with recording of numbers in the building. Parents of dancers < 14 yr old may accompany dancers in & up the stairs to the screener table which is an electronic notepad. This screener information is set up by the Municipality of Strathroy Caradoc and kept for the purpose of contact tracing. A volunteer will be there to assist as needed. Parents must exit immediately through the east stairway exit and wait for their dancer in the parking lot. When class is over, a volunteer will assist your dancer safely down the exit stairwell where you need to come to the door to claim your child.

After screening, please send dancers into the dance room where they will sanitize their hands again and they will find a designated spot for their belongings (dance shoes / water bottle) Each dancer has their own dance space designated by taped off areas on the floor with designated social distancing. It is not advised that dancers wear masks during exercise but they may if they wish & the teachers will.
If a washroom is absolutely required during dance class, the bathrooms at Parkhill are open and at Strathroy, ONLY the upstairs bathroom is to be used

Schedule will be emailed to all those who have registered
The skeleton schedule will be posted here and on the website
NOTE: Because of the nature of ACRO classes and the need to respect social distancing, all ACRO classes will be 45 minutes long with an allowance for sanitizing appropriately
If the Municipalities require changes to our schedule you will be notified
We welcome more registrations
Between classes, sanitizing of the used space will occur and that time is built in to the schedule

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