Strathroy Dance Club

Strathroy Dance Club (SDC) was originally established in 1962 and has been a strong and committed organization in Strathroy Caradoc area since then. The goal of the SDC is to provide an affordable opportunity for children ages 3-18 to learn to love to dance.

The SDC is a Not for Profit school of dance that operates from a volunteer perspective. We rely heavily on our volunteers along with our Executive Members for successful management of the SDC. The Executive ensures the by-laws are followed, as well as maintaining the running of the club. Throughout the season we have volunteer opportunities as well as fundraising events. The commitment per dance family isn't large, but when everyone does their bit, it goes a long way to supporting the costs effectiveness of the SDC.

We have a faculty of highly skilled and certified choreographers and as well as Recreational and Competitive dance classes we offer many workshops, of interest to our dancers.  Our Recreational year runs from Mid-September to Mid-May and is open to anyone wanting to experience the love of dance. For those that want more of a challenge and strieve to be their best, we have a competitive team. Tryouts are yearly and finish the season in April/May, with 3-4 weekends of competitions, at various venues.

We run our programs out to two locations. The main branch is located at the West Middlesex Memorial Ctr (Old Arena), but we also have a satelite location located at West William Community Ctr, in Parkhill. Dancers can start as young as 3, but we welcome you at any age and ability.     Our dance styles include:

Dance Classes Offered

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  • Tap
  • Dance Readness
  • Kiddie Dance
  • Musical Theatre
  • Ballet/Pointe
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Lyrical
  • Acro
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